Project: St.-Elisabeth Public Hospital project 1
Customer: AZ St-Elisabeth vzw
Location: Zottegem
Indienststelling: 2003
Projectomschrijving: To extend and refurbish a hospital with a new boarding unit, chemist’s, nursing department, OT, morgue (±5,200m²). To refurbish the kitchen, poly-clinic, offices, lab, nursing departments E-G-D (±5,500m²).

St.-Elisabeth Public Hospital project 1 Zottegem

In order to achieve seamless connection with all existing buildings, the choice was made to use the same brick to build the new extension with. In view of the fact that nowadays there needs to be as much daylight as possible in the rooms, the choice was made to use aluminium curtain walls (with windows that turn outside).  


Joinery and wall panels will consist of the same material which will make it easier to elaborate them, bigger windows will be possible and the final wall will be lighter than a brick wall. In terms of maintenance, this flat wall will be easier than a traditional wall in ashlar stone and because the hospital must keep on working during any refurbishment, it is of the utmost importance to choose a quick way to build.

The new department will also ensure that all patient related work can be brought together logically and functionally. 

St.-Elisabeth Public Hospital project 1

"seamless connection with all existing buildings"

AZ St.-Elisabeth, Zottegem