Project: Sint-Trudo Public Hospital interior
Customer: St-Trudo Ziekenhuis vzw
Location: Sint-Truiden
Indienststelling: 2010
Projectomschrijving: To extend and refurbish the existing hospital

Sint-Trudo Public Hospital interior Sint-Truiden

Along the Diestersteenweg an elongated building will provide the campus a new entrance, a number of administrative services, nursing departments and a medical-technical department. The hotfloor is built with a certain working width in mind and is located on top because of the technical infrastructure. This concept creates a certain architecture with a cantilevered part at high level which gives the whole building a gallery effect.  

Every visitor is guided through the gallery into the entrance area and cafeteria on the ground floor. All materials and colours continue the existing campus’ structure but in a more modern entity, creating more of a bond between it all.  

The interior structure’s architecture has been constructed using two main parameters: visibility and privacy. Primary services such as reception are immediately visible from the entrance. Waiting areas and cafeteria are a bit more secluded and separated from circulation axes by several half-high walls. It is mainly colour that separates these areas and simultaneously it accentuates all main circulation patterns. This programme contains several waiting areas, offices, cafeteria with kitchen, entrance and reception area.   

Sint-Trudo Public Hospital interior

"high-quality, patient-centered care"

Sint-Trudo Ziekenhuis, Sint-Truiden