Project: Sint-Elisabeth Outpatients Hospital
Customer: vzw Algemeen Ziekenhuis Sint-Elisabeth
Location: Zottegem
Indienststelling: 2015
Projectomschrijving: a new outpatients’ hospital with oncology, surgery and geriatrics’ departments and a new parking lot with 300 places.

Sint-Elisabeth Outpatients Hospital Zottegem

The AZ Sint-Elisabeth at Zottegem is currently undergoing a metamorphosis. Not only are there refurbishments taking place on the intensive care, medium care and geriatrics’ departments of the existing hospital, there is also a brand new wing being built, which will contain not only an oncology department, but also a surgery department and geriatrics outpatients hospital. This new wing shall be linked with the existing building and the operating theatre. It will ensure that doctors can work with more flexibility and it also keeps the distances between departments as short as possible. The new outpatients’ hospital will substantially increase the AZ Sint-Elisabeth’s regional standing and it will contribute to a higher quality and more purposeful care for the patient.

The 7,000 square metres building shall contain 4 floors. “The cellar will house the central sterilisation and technical departments and also the staff’s changing rooms. On the ground floor, we receive patients, we prepare them for their operation or treatment and we receive them afterwards at recovery. The first floor will house 54 beds and chairs, to be used for the outpatients’ after-care. The second floor will house the internal medicine – oncology department and geriatrics outpatients hospital.”

The parking lot has been extended with a new car park of 300 places and a thoroughfare from car park to reception has been built. This will substantially reduce the walking distance for both visitors and patients. 

Sint-Elisabeth Outpatients Hospital

"An overall concept for outpatients"

Frank Verbeke, General Director, AZ Sint-Elisabeth