Project: Oncology Outpatients University Hospital
Customer: UZ Leuven
Location: Leuven
Indienststelling: 2013
Projectomschrijving: To refurbish and extend the oncology outpatients hospital

Oncology Outpatients University Hospital Leuven

Using the design ‘care island’, the Public Hospital Gasthuisberg together with Boeckx architecture & engineering create an open space for oncology patients which makes it possible for these patients suffering from the same illness to have easier contact while at the same time offering a sufficient amount of privacy to each patient individually. The department consists of open care islands, boxes and rooms equipped with all modern comfort for patients, nurses and doctors. 


We do away with the classic patient’s room and embrace the open design. This openness aims to reduce the hospital feeling, which will make both patients and visitors alike sigh a breath of relief. By creating more contact with other patients, we aim to create a recovery inducing environment while still taking care of the patients’ privacy. Although this is a busy, bustling place, it exudes a quiet and serene atmosphere. 


Notwithstanding the fact that these care islands are mainly aimed at the patients themselves, it also offers a certain number of advantages for both nurses and doctors. This design reduces their walking distances because they no longer have to enter and leave each and every room.

Boeckx architecture & engineering was awarded the 2014 I2C Design Trophy for this care islands design.

Oncology Outpatients University Hospital

Innovation 2Care Award

Design Trophy, 2014