Project: Jan Yperman Hospital
Customer: VZW Jan Yperman Ziekenhuis
Location: Ieper
Indienststelling: 2011
Projectomschrijving: Extend and refurbish the existing hospital

Jan Yperman Hospital Ieper

The existing hospital has been completely refurbished introducing among others a new entrance and a new wing specifically for the N.M.R and Geriatrics’ departments. 

The central entrance axis gives way to a brand new wing housing mainly wards over 7 floors. Next to it, there is a smaller building of 4 floors housing the new A&E department, operating theatre, intensive care, laboratory, etc. We also created a brand new maternity ward.

These two buildings have been divided up in terms of surgical and nursing facilities. A 2-floor column contains all technology and personnel departments. All different departments are easily identifiable using differently coloured wall panels in concrete.

All wall panels are nearly identical because the building has been extensively divided up. That also made it possible for them to be manufactured and placed in situ which drastically reduced time needed and therefore also costs made.

Jan Yperman Hospital

Jan Yperman Ziekenhuis, alle mogelijkheden van de moderne geneeskunde in eigen regio