Project: Jan Palfijn Public Hospital
Customer: AZ Jan Palfijn
Location: Gent
Indienststelling: 2014
Projectomschrijving: Complete refurbishment of the hospital.

Jan Palfijn Public Hospital Gent

The AZ Jan Palfijn at Ghent is a large public hospital, which is currently spread out over 2 campuses. Buildings and hospital no longer comply with the latest standards and quality requirements, making a complete refurbishment absolutely necessary. At the end of this project, only the campus near the Watersportbaan will be kept. In a first stage, the complete master plan shall be drafted. Both the issues of urban planning study in terms of accessibility for all traffic flows and the integration of the large complex into the environment have been addressed.


All of the building’s issues and opportunities have been analysed and that resulted in a complete re-arrangement of all services and functions. We use this re-arrangement in order to address the issues of atmosphere and perception of the building. New materials, fresh colours, lights and ventilation will all help to provide a pleasant environment for patients, visitors and personnel.

From a technical point of view, the building has been equipped with a new technical room on top of the building and a neat distribution of technology using new technical shafts.


Not only the functional approach of the hospital has been addressed but also its walls. Architecturally speaking, the existing walls were in a bad way and the look of the building was also very dated and bombastic. In order to address these issues, the building was completely wrapped and isolated and external blinds were fitted, creating a completely new look and making the building look modern and up-to-date again. The whole project will be carried out over a number of stages because the hospital will keep working during the refurbishment. This project won the I2C Public Trophy 2014.

Jan Palfijn Public Hospital

Innovation 2Care award

Public Trophy, 2014