Project: Digital Operating Theatre
Customer: ASZ Aalst
Location: Aalst
Indienststelling: 2013
Projectomschrijving: To build a temporary and a new digital operating theatre

Digital Operating Theatre Aalst

The quality of the medical environment is crucial for the success of intensive surgical procedures.

During a period of only nine months the obsolete OT of the ASZ-Aalst has been transformed into an innovative care complex with seven ultra-modern operating rooms. This OT is by now without a doubt one of the most innovative operating theatres in Belgium.

This ultra-modern building combines the use of the most up-to-date digital appliances with the most thought through care logistics, high-quality, safe facilities and special attention to hygiene and air treatment. Each operating room has been equipped with new operating tables, lamps and levers, two computers, a 42” screen, two medical screens which are supported by a lever RGB-LEDs, of which both colour intensity and the colour itself can be adjusted as they are needed. A super fast data network (10 Gb/s) and its fibre glass connections in all operating rooms will also ensure that all vital information reaches its destination as soon as possible.

The strict interior design not only breathes professionalism but also peace and serenity. Hygiene was also an important issue. The operating unit’s trump card is the hybrid operating room for cardio, vascular and neurosurgery. This room also holds a special C-bend which can move around the operating table using a specific rail system. The perfect integration of leads, screens and technology combined with the beautiful interior design created a tight finishing touch.

Digital Operating Theatre

"without a doubt one of the most innovative operating theatres in Belgium"

Mr. Pascal De Ras, Technical Director, A.S.Z. Aalst