Project: Delta Public Hospital
Customer: OCMW Roeselare
Location: Roeselare
Indienststelling: 2011
Projectomschrijving: Extend the hospital with an X-block

Delta Public Hospital Roeselare

In order to extend the hospital, a flexible and economical architecture was chosen. Today’s nursing department can be something different tomorrow.  

The large, extensive building is lit up using protrusions in the building on the one hand and a ground floor plinth volume in a dark grey architectonic concrete, a central area in light grey concrete and a technical room above the roof in sheet material on the other.  


Using irregular intervals, white partitions have been fitted to the windows in order to create some playfulness. Apart from the obvious opportunities to adjust the interior, there are also the opportunities to extend using extra layers of build which can connect with the current wall architecture.  


The X-block’s frugality is dressed with adjacent green areas which can be found between C-block and the maternity department.


The X-block is built over 5 floors and a technical department. The staff’s dressing rooms and a few support rooms  are underground. On the ground floor there are several consultation rooms and the psychiatry department. On the first floor there is the physiotherapy department and 30 beds. On the level above that, we find the sp-revalidation department with 60 beds. The third floor has 2 operating theatres and a paediatrics’ department. The technical room which ensures that these departments and operating theatres keep working is located upon the roof.     

Delta Public Hospital

"In order to extend the hospital, a flexible and economical architecture was chosen"

Koen Vanhoorne, Senior Architect