Project: Damiaan Public Hospital
Customer: AZ Damiaan Oostende vzw
Location: Oostende
Indienststelling: 2012
Projectomschrijving: Extend and refurbish the hospital and create one campus (project 1 to 4)

Damiaan Public Hospital Oostende

The architecture competition for Damiaan Oostende asked the participants to develop a design transferring campus St. Jozef from the centre of town to the H. Hart site, merging these two units into one new campus. Priority was given to a new medical technical block where the need for connection with the existing buildings was the highest. A parking lot is also included in a first phase in order to keep the pressure on parking spaces as low as possible during the project for the surrounding area. During subsequent stages, two identical nursing blocks in a T-shape and a pre-construction with outpatients’ hospital will be built. 

During the last stage, the remaining wing of the existing hospital will be renovated and the last of the parking lot and scenery will also be built. The open entrance hall with roof light and panoramic lifts opens up into a reception room and a view over the lower level cafeteria and a large courtyard.

The rooms will have a view, mainly over the nearby Leopoldspark and they will all be located at the building’s sunny side. The hotfloor will be located at the side of the railway line (North) and will have its own access. Everything will be divided up in colours and materials whose purpose it is to break up the grand scale of it all. The functions inside have clearly been incorporated into the architecture in order to bring more structure to the building.

Damiaan Public Hospital

"Maximised comfort for both patients and visitors"

AZ Damiaan, Oostende