Project: General Hospital AZ WEST
Customer: AZ West
Location: Veurne
Indienststelling: 2015
Projectomschrijving: Extension and conversion of hospital and new construction PAAZ

General Hospital AZ WEST Veurne

Within the scope of a new master plan for the campus of AZ St. West in Veurne, several projects, covering both new constructions and conversions, have been worked out. Among others, a new wing for the PAAZ department is being built. This building is erected separately from the hospital, linked to it by a connecting bridge for logistics and patients.  From an architectural point of view, this wing is designed relatively horizontally, highlighted by a white & black contrast in the outside walls.
Block B is also being fully converted with a new floor on top of the existing block, beautifully integrated in the existing building as a final element that brings it all together.  The other levels are also renovated, creating completely new departments with a high level of modern comfort and a pleasant atmosphere for patients, visitors and staff.
Other renovations at different locations must ensure that the hospital can keep up with all evolutions in modern techniques, comfort and safety for everyone.
Also the outdoor area is addressed with the installation of green areas around the buildings, an extra car park building and the embellishment of the entrance square and small hospital park.

General Hospital AZ WEST

This renovation ensures the hospital with all modern techniques, comfort and safety

AZ West, Veurne