Project: General Hospital St-Lucas K-pavilion
Customer: AZ St-Lucas vzw
Location: Bruges
Indienststelling: 2018
Projectomschrijving: Passive building of a pavilion for child and youth psychiatry

General Hospital St-Lucas K-pavilion Bruges

The pavilion for child psychiatry literally takes the child out of the hospital, into a new home. We create a separate entity for children, looking out onto the green of the surrounding nature reserve. The residential groups are located on the ground floor, so that direct contact with the outdoors is always possible. The 4 residential groups are organised around one communal central open area / hall. It forms a transition zone towards the residential groups. This is the space for discussions and therapy. It brings light, quiet and nature into the indoor space through patios.

On the first floor, there are consultation and therapy rooms on the one hand, and classrooms on the other. They are directly accessible via a lift or stairwell, without having to cross the central hall or the residential groups. Both blocks were separated in order to create a high-quality, protected outdoor space, in part covered by a living roof, and with benches, therapy and play areas. Thus, the outdoor space becomes an extension of the indoor activities.

The project will be one of the first, if not the first application of Passivhaus principles for a residential unit in a hospital. Architecture, stability and special techniques were developed using a BIM model, complemented by comfort simulations, solar studies, … The building meets the strictest standards for u-values (ISO_1)  and air tightness (n50=0,6 h-1).

General Hospital St-Lucas K-pavilion

Passivhaus principles for a residential unit in a hospital

, DETOO Architects