Project: Master Plan Sint Lucas Private Hospital
Customer: AZ Sint Lucas
Location: Gent
Indienststelling: 2015
Projectomschrijving: Merger of 3 hospitals within Ghent city centre

Master Plan Sint Lucas Private Hospital Gent

This Sint Lucas Hospital master plan’s study has been carried out since 1995 as a result of the merger of 2 adjacent hospitals (AZ Sint-Vincentius and AZ H. Familie), both in the heart of the city of Ghent. In 2004 this master plan proved its flexibility as it was adjusted in function of a merger with a third hospital (AZ Volkskliniek) which will be integrated on campus. All in all, AZ Sint Lucas has 908 beds, including 103 for the outpatients’ hospital, and the building has an overall surface of 115,000 square metres. In the first master plan a connecting shaft was created through the wings of the two hospitals and it was also medically and technically updated. Each wing has been analysed architecturally in function of how adaptable it is to modern day requirements. There are, for example, wings with a skeleton structure which are marked for refurbishment and wings with supporting walls and small spans for which it would be best to break them down. The core idea behind this master plan is a comb structure which allows for wings to be adapted or replaced without it hindering the hospital working properly.

Working that way makes a permanent staging possible and also continuous modernising in compliance with modern requirements and visions. Existing wings are kept to a maximum if structure and level heights allow us to do so. Usually, wings are completely stripped and re-built with new high-performance joinery, glazing, walls and insulation. Existing central lift shafts are re-modelled into technical shafts and new lift batteries are built.

The hospital is well and truly locked in by the city. That is why the space in-between its wings is being used to create semi-public little squares and gardens in order to generate more oxygen in this very busy city texture, to make a gradual transfer from city to hospital and to offer pleasant views from the building. For this purpose, close cooperation with the city of Ghent was needed. Tunnels were built underneath these squares in order to provide functional, technical and circulation shortcuts between certain wings.

The global master plan does not only contain a mobility plan but also an energy master plan. Not only does that plan estimate the expected energy demand of the new projects but it also takes initiatives to permanently reduce the existing demand for energy, to reduce the current CO2 emissions and to invest in proprietary energy production using alternative energy systems. Block Z for example was built on top of a BTES field.

Master Plan Sint Lucas Private Hospital

Designing the merger of 3 hospitals

within Ghent city centre,