Project: General Hospital Oudenaarde
Customer: vzw AZO
Location: Oudenaarde
Indienststelling: 2013
Projectomschrijving: To refurbish and extend the hospital: refurbish the OT, ITU, CSD, nursing departments A4 and A6 and the St. Elisabeth building

General Hospital Oudenaarde Oudenaarde

In view of the cultural, historic and aesthetic value of the environment, it is of the utmost importance when creating the new cafeteria and entrance to take into account from the start the hospital’s vision for the future and to reply correctly to the (historic) architecture of the adjacent buildings.  

The new walls are linked with the existing historic walls because their panels have been fitted in the same rhythm. The relationship between the newer hospital and the older protected buildings is created by adjusting the panels’ materials to the specific buildings - glass and steel when connecting with the hospital and concrete when connecting with the historic buildings. 

A new lift is planned, which will give the emergency department a high-speed connection with all other floors. The cafeteria/entrance’s location allows for further expansion of the hospital (on the cafeteria’s roof). Its architecture provides the necessary platform for future extensions.  

The hospital’s entrance is relocated a bit and transferred to the ground floor. Access to the reception area will now be along the new cafeteria and the outdoor construction, which ‘soften’ the hospital feel a bit and also provide the passing inhabitants of Oudenaarde with a nicer view.

General Hospital Oudenaarde

"a correct reply to the historic architecture of the adjacent buildings"

AZ, Oudenaarde