Design to operate

DETOO is the largest architectural practice within its speciality: construction projects for healthcare and education. 

DETOO was founded when two independent and creative firms - Boeckx from Ostend and De Vloed from Heusden-Destelbergen - decided in September 2013 to envision their future together. This collaboration created economies of scale, making DETOO well-equipped to make a difference on the international stage.

The shared open corporate culture and refreshing view of architecture of Boeckx and De Vloed laid a firm foundation for a fruitful collaboration. As an innovative architectural practice, Detoo aims to turn its irrefutable expertise into successful health care construction projects with an international impact.

Based on a shared passion for architecture, DETOO combines design with functionality via a creative and innovative thinking and design process.


"Passion as a motive, quality as a result"

Johan Cogge, CEO Architect

"It's not about being the biggest, it's about offering the finest expertise"

Jan De Vloed, CEO Architect
Our team

DETOO Architects has 70 employees: each of them specialists in their field. Depending on the requirements and wishes of the client, we can deploy the best talents for each project and quickly bring in more when the situation requires.

With an open corporate culture that draws on continuing training, seeks excellence and allows scope for creativity and innovation, DETOO is ready to make any design a success story.


"Shaping a sustainable world with man at the centre"

Albaan Tas, CEO Architect

"70 Individuals 1 team 1 goal"

Johan Cogge, CEO Architect


Albaan, Alec, Charlotte, Christoph, Daan, Danny, Els, Frans, Geert, Greet, Hannelore, Helena, Jan, Johan, Jore, Jurgen, Koen, Maxime, Nancy, Nathalie, Oele, Olivier, Pieter, Pieterjan, Steven, Sylvie, Thomas, Veronique, Annick, Ayla, Ben, Dirk, Dries, Egbert, Eline, Erik, Henk, Herlinde, Jan, Jeroen, Jochen, Jonas, Joris, Katy, Luk, Nele, Pieterjan, Sabine, Sara, Tim, Veerle, Viviane, Wendy, Wim, Yannick

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